Welding & Installing

P.E.S is a head for improving polyethylene welding techniques and providing engineering support in Iran. We offer full technical support to our customers regarding pipe design, hydraulic and static calculations , welding and installation. With 30 years experience in HDPE pipe installation and our well-trained technicians who certified by SKZ ,we fulfill all your needs in HDPE piping system.

PE Pipelines

P.E.S provides initial site survey, preliminary design and opinion of probable cost and complete installation service for polyethylene pipeline projects.

We are specialize in:

  • large diameter piping, pressure piping, pipeline planning, sizing and performance criteria.
    • Development and training
      1. plastic pipeline joining and fabrication

Polyethylene Pipe Installation

we have more than 30 years experience in HDPE butt welding

Polyethylene pipes and fittings are joined by thermal or mechanical systems.

Thermal butt fusion provides an economical and fast method of delivering a complete, long continuous length of pipe. The fused joints are as strong as the pipe itself, providing a continuous leak proof system.

A-Heat Fusion Joining:
The most important thermal methods are butt-welding and electrofusion welding.
  • Butt-Welding: The most widely used method for joining PE pipe is butt fusion. Butt welding is the only option for connecting large pipes with diameter bigger than 500 mm. In this method, the joined faces are heated to welding temperature with hot tool. Then the hot tool is removed and the plasticized pipe ends are pressed together.
  • Electrofusion Welding: In electrofusion welding socket fittings containing resistance coils are used to join the pipes.
The quality of the heat fusion weld depends on the competence of welder, the suitability of machinery and equipment used, and welding guidelines. (P.E.S works according to German Association for welding technology guideline, DVS 2207-part 1.)
B- Mechanical joining:
Mechanical compression Fitting has a body which is a pressure-containing component that fits over the outside diameter of polyethylene pipe.

PE Pipe Joining

Our well-trained staff have been certified by SKZ plastic institute in Germany according to DVGW GW 330 and perform the welding process based on guideline DVS 2207-part 1 published in August 2007.

Welding Machine


Our qualified and expert technicians use high-tech welding machines (we mainly use Widos and Rothenberger ) to enhance the efficiency, productivity and safety of their job.

Welding Pipes


P.E.S welding staff are available for every given time frame.

For more information, call us at 0098-21 8875 4960 or contact sales representative.