Training Center

P.E.S weld training center provides the facility for industrial, municipal, and consulting customers who want to develop their knowledge of polyethylene pipe joining methods and installation issues. This education will lead eligible welding workers to get a certified qualification which is nationally recognized on welding and installation of Polyethylene pipes and fittings.

Our attitude is to use our experience, knowledge and facilities to provide exceptional service to our customers and develop fair and professional business relationships with other industrial, educational and consulting organizations on confidential and cost-effective manners.

In 2006 P.E.S created a technical corporation in the field of plastic pipe welding with SKZ institute in Germany. As a result P.E.S carries out training courses at its training center on plastic pipe welding according to guideline DVS 2207 part1. Industrial procedures, innovations, improvements and updated developments are provided by SKZ to P.E.S

PES Weld Training Center

P.E.S training center issues an accreditation certificate to successful candidates who completing a training course and maintain a register of accredited welders. The purpose of this training is to verify whether a welder can perform to the standards expected in the workplace. It is the first time in Middle East that a manufacturing firm will share its knowledge, experience, and facilities with the public focusing on increasing water projects efficiencies and customer satisfaction.

Welding Training Course

Our qualified instructors have acquired their certification by attending plastic welding training courses offered by S.K.Z in Germany

In the P.E.S weld- training center we offer two categories of education:

  • Welding Supervisor, who Controls and audits the welding process as a third party inspector
  • Welding worker, who is involved in the fabricating and joining PE piping elements  

Onsite Weld Training

Please contact Mr. Hartunian if you have any inquiry about the courses at P.E.S weld training center.