Lab Services

P.E.S Laboratory is an independent accredited testing laboratory which is certified by Institute of Standard & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI). P.E.S lab with over 10 years experience and modern equipment performs all required tests to verify the quality of polyethylene pipes and fittings in accordance with National Standards of Iran alongside the international ones. We provide inclusive laboratory services with fast and accurate test results based on the needs of plastic pipe industry.

Quality Tesing Laboratory

P.E.S Laboratory is the leading expert in providing polyethylene tests to polyethylene pipe industry standards in Iran. Our technical expertise and accreditation allows us to give technical assistance to meet our customers' needs.

We perform all mandatory and optional tests in accordance with EN12201 requirements.

Physical Properties
Density ISO 1183
Dimention ISO 3126
OIT ISO 11357
Heat Reversion ISO 2505-1



Pipe Density Testing
Mechanical Properties
Test Standard
ISO 6259
Hydrostatic (20-80°) ISO 1167
Burst Pressure ASTM D 1599
Squeeze off EN 12106
Ring Stiffness ISO9969



Testing Equipement
Raw Material
Melt Flow Rate ISO 1133
Carbon Black Content ISO 6964
Carbon Black Dispersion ISO 18553
Volatile Content EN 12099


Raw Material Testing
Welded Joints
Destructive Tests Standard
Tensile DVS 2203 part2
Technological Bend DVS 2203 part5
Non-Destructive Tests  
Dimensional Inspection  
Visual Inspection  


Welded Joints Examination