Other Products


P.E.S produces solid-wall HDPE pipes ranging from 16 to 1600 mm and their matching fittings based on national and international codes and standards. The variety of our products also includes manholes, inspection chambers, and other needed accessories for a complete PE piping system. We mainly use PE100 bi-modal resin which has enhanced performance characteristics.

Years of experience in PE pipe production and finding new technical solutions for day to day operational complexity, led us to make high quality down stream machinery that fulfill all PE pipe industry needs.

Our extensive range of high quality products, excellent manufacturing capabilities and flexible marketing policy, can satisfy every precise customer.

To deliver high quality products, P.E.S production line is backed by the state-of-the-art machining department. This department delivers lathe, welding, and electrical services for the machinery used in the production line.


Pipe Fittings


P.E.S produces elbows, Tees, Reducers, flanges, and End Caps which are well-matched to the PE piping requirements. We use the highest quality raw materials and latest technology to make polyethylene fittings.




P.E.S manufactures solid-wall HDPE manholes from size 500- 1600 mm in accordance with ASTM F 1759 standard. Our fabricated manholes are designed based on customer's demands for variety of applications.


P.E.S designs and manufactures all downstream equipment for polyethylene pipe extrusion line.