HDPE Pipes

Pressure Pipes

PE pipes are produced and classified based on a dimension ratio system. The dimension ratio (DR) is the ratio of pipe outside diameter to its minimum wall thickness. As pipe diameter changes, its respective wall thickness will change to keep the same DR. All PE pipes with the same material and equal DRs have the same pressure rating.

According to ISO standard some dimension ratios which are considered as Standardized dimension ratios (SDR) are: 41, 33, 26, 21, 17.6, 17, 13.5, 11, 9, and 7.3.

Our outside diameter controlled HDPE pipes are pressure rated based on their material, dimension ratio and application. By applying Environmental Design Factors and Service Temperature Design Factors in the design process, we consider environment conditions and service temperature as related to the product.

PE Pressure Pipes

Our pressurized HDPE pipes and fittings are produced in sizes ranging 16 to 1600mm and pressure ratings up to 40bar depending on the pipe size. See HDPE pipe dimension