HDPE Pipes

Large Diameter Pipes

The use of large diameter solid-wall polyethylene pipes for municipal ,industrial, agricultural and energy applications has become the fast growing applications around the world. This progress is due to major advantages of HDPE pipe over other pipe materials and increasing confidence in its excellent performance throughout long service life. Our broad range of solid-wall Polyethylene pipes and fittings up to size 2400mm conform to all pressure and low-pressure water supply projects in the following applications:

  • Intake cooling water
  • Discharge outfall
  • Sewer outfall
  • water crossing
  • Desalination plant         
  • Fish farming

Applying Large Diameter Pipe to Sewer Outfall

P.E.S is the exclusive producer of large diameter HDPE pipes and fittings in Iran. During the past 30 years, by employing know-how and determined efforts, the company has successfully increased its capacity to 55000 tons annually and completed the range of its products up to 2400 mm in 2010. Our large diameter HDPE pipes are available in standard Dimension Ratios (DRs) based on EN12201, DIN 8074 and INSO 14427-2 standards.(Click here to see dimension and pressure rating).

To enhance the outstanding quality of our products, we use the highest quality of PE100 raw materials such as 3490LS borialis and CRP100 bassel.

P.E.S provides complete installation services for pipeline projects.