Polyethylene pipes have been used effectively for more than 60 years in sewer applications. The outstanding physical and performance characteristics of solid-wall HDPE pipes make them ideal for gravity flow and forced sewer, waste and storm water collection systems.

HD PE pipes have excellent resistance to many chemicals and destructive sewer gases. They resist corrosion, abrasion and sedimentation with durability during their service life.

Their flexibility, smooth inner surface, resistance to most chemicals, leak-free joints and ease of installation make them the best choice for sewer conveying and distribution systems. 

PE pipes and their joints are flexible enough to put up with unavoidable ground movements, so the risk of breakage as compared to other piping systems decreases significantly.

Their flexibility alongside sufficient stiffness and tough leak-free butt-welded joints are the key factors in trench-less technologies. Additionally these factors make them excellent for lining old or damaged sewer lines.