HDPE pipe systems provide sustainable and harmless solution to growing demand for clean water and modern sewer systems. The new applications in the field of storm water drainage, marine crossing, intake and outfall, fire loops, district heating and domestic geothermal technology rely on superb properties of HDPE material, its long service life and thriving long track record of more than 60 years. Based on our experience and knowledge we confidently promote and offer Polyethylene pipe systems for all water related applications.Polyethylene pipe is the key for making tomorrow by Caring for today, Protecting precious resources, and Saving more money

Water Supply Pipe

water supply

Polyethylene pipes are used widely for water supply system all around the world. HDPE piping is a safe and efficient system for transmitting large quantities of raw and potable water. more+
Marine Pipe

Marine Application

Solid-wall HDPE pipe systems are the best solution for a broad range of marine applications. more+


HDPE pipe system has unique features that are perfect for many hydroelectric applications. more+


Sewage Pipe


Polyethylene pipes have been used effectively for more than 60 years in sewer applications. more+
Mining Pipes

Mining Application

HDPE pipe systems are the best choice for conveying minerals and wastes. The unique properties of HDPE pipe alongside its security and reliability, have increased its usage in mining industry. more+
Agriculture Pipes


The solid-wall polyethylene pipes are widely used for agriculture applications in the field of irrigation, drainage and water supply. more+
Fire Loop

Fire Loops

HDPE pipes are used extensively in high pressure fire mains and loops at refineries, municipalities, chemical plants and other industrial units. more+