Marine Application

There are several factors that make HDPE pipes the best and most convenient choice for marine applications:

  • Resistance to erosion, corrosion and zebra mussel fouling,
  • Superior strength against tide and current forces,
  • Flexibility and sufficient bending radius,
  • Light weight and buoyancy in sea water,
  • Ease of transportation and installation
  • Minimal maintenance

Polyethylene intake pipelines are used to withdraw a large body of naturally cold water at a constant temperature (4-10°c ) from deep areas within lakes, oceans, and rivers. This cold water is pumped through the primary side of a heat exchanger. On the secondary side, clean chilled water is produced with one tenth the average energy required by conventional chiller based systems.

Polyethylene outfall pipelines are used to convey returned cooling water and occasionally treated sewage water into the recipient discharge area that can be a river, lake or sea at a certain depth and distance from the shore. Outlet depth will vary in the range of 10 -60 m dependent on the recipient's self-purification capacity.

Polyethylene outfall pipelines