Fire Loops

High density polyethylene piping systems have been used for underground fire main applications since 20 years ago at refineries, municipalities, chemical plants and other industrial units.  The enhanced properties of polyethylene pipes have made them the first choice for this application. Improved raw materials with superior lifetime pressurized performance, leak-free joints, corrosion resistant and smooth interior surface are all reasons to choose HDPE pipes and fittings for fire protection lines.

HDPE Fire Loops

Polyethylene pipe systems have:

  • High strength and enough stiffness to withstand high internal pressure and external loads.
  • Resilience to endure surge and water hammer pressure.
  • Low maintenance and operating costs for the long term of their service life.
  • Lower installation costs due to their light weight, impact resistance  and  flexibility
  • Good performance in aggressive soils.
  • Resistant to environmental  stress cracking , underground eruption and  earthquakes.

Due to the importance of underground fire protection lines, many safety and quality regulations should be considered regarding raw materials, products, manufacturing facilities, , installations , contractors,  permits , licensing  and inspections.

As a pipe and fitting producer, P.E.S fulfils all requirements for approving its products for underground fire main application. We use the highest quality PE 100 and do all obligatory and optional tests on raw materials to reassure the uniformity of quality.

Our manufacturing processes and testing procedures are precisely controlled under quality assurance program ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 17025. Fitting fabrication and the joining process have been done by certified welders (SKZ licensed) under DVSG guidelines with state of the art machinery. P.E.S manufacturing facilities are always open to our customers and their authorized representatives for performing mandatory inspections.

We guarantee that our HDPE pipes and fittings which are certified by SKZ quality procedures, absolutely conform to all official standards and requirements for fire protection mains and loops and can be approved by every third party testing service and project engineers.