The solid-wall high density polyethylene pipes are widely used for agriculture applications in the field of irrigation, drainage and water supply. HDPE pipes are selected over other conventional pipes as they are the least expensive option when comparing pipe materials , installation costs, and performance.

Polyethylene is the best proven piping system for irrigation and drainage applications due to its unique properties. Flexibility and bending radius down to 20OD reduce the need for fittings and lessen the pipe laydown area. HDPE piping systems are corrosion resistant and withstand salty water and corrosive conditions.

All fused and mechanical PE joints provide leak-free systems that are as tough and impact resistance as the pipe itself. Polyethylene pipes can be coiled up to size 160 mm. This  brings down the installation cost.

There are many advantages of using these products that are important to farmers. Polyethylene pipes are: light weight, easy to handle and transport, available in a broad range of sizes, and very reliable.