About Us

Mission Statement

"Developing exceptional products with diversity and superior quality."

P.E.S is one of the top producers of Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings in the world. Our products are used widely in water supply, sewage structures, natural gas distribution systems, submarine applications and fire protection lines. As an industry leader in our region and the Middle East , ourĀ  technology efforts are based on developing exceptional products with diversity and superior quality which fulfill the needs of customers today and the future generations to come.

We make every effort to run our company and manufacture the whole range of HDPE products and downstream machinery with an accountable approach while adhering to the following principles and values:


  • Manufacture and supply products and services of the highest quality and optimum value
  • Improve our performances constantly.
  • Select and apply quality raw materials according to international standards


  • Meet customer’s satisfaction
  • Provide timely technical information on plastics pipes and fittings and their applications for all users and customers.
  • Deal with all the customers, business partners, and public with honesty and fairness

Industry Development:

  • Endorse and assist in development of standards, specifications and practices that help ensure the proper use of plastics pipes
  • Continuous improvement of process and training effectiveness
  • Actively participate in common sense advocacy efforts