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P.E.S was established in 1977 in Tehran, with focus on the designing and installation of polyethylene pipe systems for water supplies, sewage and irrigation systems. In 1981, P.E.S started to produce PE pipe and fittings. P.E.S has since become the leading manufacturer of HDPE pipe and fittings sector in Iran. During the past 30 years, by employing know-how and determined efforts, the company successfully increased its capacity to 55,000 tons annually and completed the range of its products up to 1600 mm and became the exclusive manufacturer of solid-wall HDPE large size pipes and fittings in Iran.

Determining quality, technology and customer satisfaction as our first goals to achieve, direct us to supply high quality products to the market and maintain ourselves with the fast renovations in the world of plastic industry.

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Company Profile

P.E.S is one of the middle-East leaders in production and development of Polyethylene pipe system. To be able to maintain with the fast growing renovations in the world, P.E.S keeps developing new and needed products with the support of its technical and research division.
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P.E.S History

P.E.S ,the major producer of HDPE pipes and fittings in Iran, started its activity in 1977 by installing irrigation and water supply systems. Production of polyethylene pipe up to size 160mm began in 1981 and during 25 years has developed to 1600 mm.
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Mission Statement

As an industry leader in our region and the Middle East, our technology efforts are based on developing exceptional products with diversity and superior quality which fulfill our customers' need today and future generations. We do our best to make and retain good relationship among our staff, customers and communities with integrity and respect.
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We have successfully completed a great number of projects. . Regardless of the variety in projects' size and scope, we provide specialized and dedicated services to our customers including engineering consultations, security and regulation issues, asset management and industry development.
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If you or your company are happy with our products or services, we would love to add your letter of approval to this page, In the event that you are not totally satisfied, please send us a review so we can make it right.
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Factory Tour

We created a video tour to bring you into our factory and give you a good introduction  to our manufacturing facilities.