polyethylene pipes and fittings


May 25,2011:

HDPE Storage Tank for Water and Chemicals

By the aim of state-of- the- art machinery,  years of experience in polyethylene pipe and fitting industry and using high- quality material, pes produced HDPE storage tank with 2.4 m diameter.

HDPE tanks perform  exceptionally well for a long service life to handle and store chemicals and water.


October 21,2010:               A Memorable Day for P.E.S 

For the first time in the world, the 2400 mm solid-wall polyethylene pipe was produced at P.E.S factory complex in Kaveh Industrial city in Iran.

This technical achievement is the result of 10 months of continuous technical deliberations and hardworking by the engineers, technicians, and entire support team in P.E.S complex.

This technical breakthrough will always be remembered in the worldwide polyethylene pipe industry.

September 2010:

As one of the world leaders in HDPE large diameter pipe production, P.E.S. is honored to announce the latest additions to its line of products:1600 mm solid wall Polyethylene pipe with the wall thickness of 140 mm.

This line of production employs the latest extrusion, haul-off technologies and sets a new standard in the large diameter HDPE pipe production .